C2012-0001268 Liquid Petroleum - Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (LP-LCDA) of a "Piggable" Kuwaiti Crude Oil Pipeline Using NACE International SP0208-2008


Author(s): Abdul Wahab Al-Mithin, Shabbir Safri, and Surya Prakash, Kuwait Oil Company; Patrick Teevens and Zhenjin Zhu, Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd.; Ashish Khera, Allied Engineers

From: 2012 NACE Conference Papers (NACE International)

Published: March 01, 2012

Pages: 1 - 15

File Size: 1645 KB

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This paper describes an Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) protocol carried out for a "piggable" Kuwaiti crude oil pipeline in compliance with NACE SP0208-2008. A 914.4 mm (36 in.) × 25 km pipeline (CR088) transports Ratawi/Burgan crude oil a distance of 25 kilometers. It consists of three pipeline regions as defined within SP0208-2008 (with two of the three pipeline regions containing three pipeline subregions), where the three regions were operated with a different flow rate and/or pipeline diameter and BS&W amount under two discrete time eras. The pipeline was commissioned in 2005 and had been inspected in 2009 using ultrasonic In-Line Inspection (UT-ILI) tools. During the indirect inspection phase of ICDA, several internal corrosion locations were predicted (and subsequently confirmed during the Direct Examination phase or step) which conjointly, may be attributable to CO2 partial pressure, H2S content, crude flow rate, operating temperature, inorganic halides, deposited solids, bacteria, and aerated conditions. To identify the root causes for the presence of the internal corrosion threat and remedial measures required to mitigate problems going forward, the contributing consulting engineers used their proprietary in-house internal corrosion prediction model to conduct the analysis. This paper reviews the process undertaken to identify those areas of water and solids accumulation most likely to have contributed to corrosion as well as identifying those areas where corrosion was less likely to have occurred. Additionally, a comparison to predicted corrosion rates with those collected earlier from the UT smart pig run are discussed. Although this new piggable pipeline had already been inspected by UT pigging, assessment of ICDA-LP for this crude line has provided the operator with a practical internal corrosion mitigation plan to further reduce and control the risk for future internal corrosion.

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